Product Love: Lean Cuisine Spinach, Chicken & Mushroom Panini


Better than it has any right to be.

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know the “healthy” TV-dinner industry intimately. I’m the one who can spot, out of an entire freezer case, the one new product at first glance.

I probably shouldn’t be bragging about that. It’s sad, I know. But the truth is, when you work full-time and have kids, TV-dinners are pretty handy. It’s nice to have a supply of them in the freezer to grab from on a morning after a late night when I didn’t feel like preparing my sack lunch to take to work. Or when the family is having a “regular” dinner and you realize that to stay “on plan” for the night, you’ll only get to eat three fish sticks and a carrot.

And some of the frozen diet dinners aren’t bad. Yes, many of them are insanely gross. But a few of them are so good I legitimately look forward to eating them.

Again, I probably shouldn’t be confessing to that, either, but here we are.

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