My “beefs” with the Weight Watchers Corporation

When I first started to consider using the Weight Watchers’ program, the obvious initial response might have been “So go join up!” But at the time, there weren’t any meeting spots on the campus where I work and I have a busy home life so making time for weekly meetings outside of lunch hours wasn’t going to work. Plus, money. Money, money, money.

Weight Watchers Online

Weight Watchers Online. So many times I have been SO close to clicking that signup pane.

I knew they had an online option that was slightly cheaper and didn’t require meeting places or public shaming weigh-ins, but the second part of my reluctance was that it still seemed like a steep price to join as I began finding more and more online resources that weren’t officially WW-affiliated that could help me figure out the basics and at least get up and running to see if this was something I did want to invest in for real. (I’ve never seen a WW membership offer that didn’t involve paying for 3+ months’ membership or more right out of the gate as a “trial.”)

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