Product Love: Emerald Vanilla Roast Almonds 100-Calorie Pack



I am an almond addict. Any kind, anywhere. I love them toasted, salted, flavored, yogurt-dipped, turned into milk, and buried in a candy bar. Doesn’t matter, I love them all ways.

The problem is, I love them a little bit too much. For every variety out there, I’ve calculated exactly how many I can eat to equal 1 WWP, 2WWP, 3WWP, and so on. But as soon as I crack that can open, knowing how many equal one point is pretty much useless, because I never stop there.

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Diet Hack: “Convenience” Fruits

I try to be one of those people who always has fresh produce on hand, but sometimes, I go to make my sack lunch for work and discover too late that we’ve either run out of everything or the produce has gotten too old to use. It happens to the best of us.

frozen fruit

The “Before”: My container filled with frozen fruit when I get to work.

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Fear and Loathing in the WordPress Dashboard

sad faceI spent most of June floating in and out of good intentions. Intentions for nutrition, exercise, fitness, tracking, energy, productivity, and more.

But floating is about all I did. Aside from the random “walk break” here or there or occasional “no thank you” on a sugary treat, I didn’t achieve much of anything. As a result, I didn’t feel like writing invigorating posts about how we all can do this together. We can. We really can. But last month…I didn’t, really.

It was pretty easy to pinpoint the reason for my increasing ennui, but that just means I know what I have to overcome. I still have to ride it out.

Basically, in the last couple of months at work, my boss quit, my boss’s-boss quit, and my boss’s-boss’s-boss quit. And that feels weird as hell.

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Taking it back to the old school…

So after a long time of using the Weight Watchers PointsPlus system of eating while staying at relatively the same weight (gaining one week, losing the next, gaining back the following, etc.), I’ve decided to go back to using the old Points system for a bit. There are several good reasons to switch Points plans — even back and forth every so often over a long period — and in my case, I know it’s time to do that again.

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Day Six: #100kSteps Challenge

So I really wanted to make up for those lost steps from Day 5 as much as possible on Day 6 to avoid having some ridiculous number waiting for me on Day 7 to meet the 100kSteps Challenge in time. I pretty much danced in place as I did *everything* yesterday, from morning ’till night. I noticed in the evening that my four-year-old, Ollie, was following me around doing a little jig everywhere I went. It was cracking me up. Eventually, he wanted to watch “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” on TV, so we stood side-by-side and walked/danced in place throughout almost the entire movie! I had so much fun I forgot to look down and see how I was doing periodically. Imagine my surprise when this is what I saw on my pedometer after the movie ended at bedtime…

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