Why I Need “Salad Saturday”

saladThere are few things at this point in my life that I dislike as much as food prep. Considering I spent several years as a paid food blogger, this is surprising.

On the other hand, I started my old food blog when I only had one child (who still napped), wasn’t taking college courses on my lunch hours, and hadn’t adapted to a healthier way of life. Somehow food prep is more exciting when it usually begins with “warm a pat of butter over medium heat.” Chopping veggies seems more enticing when there’s a slab of bacon waiting for its turn with the knife. So it makes sense, I guess, that I’d feel a sense of loss when my hobby (cooking) became muddled with counting calories, logging meals, and calculating appropriate serving sizes.

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Diet Hack: “Convenience” Fruits

I try to be one of those people who always has fresh produce on hand, but sometimes, I go to make my sack lunch for work and discover too late that we’ve either run out of everything or the produce has gotten too old to use. It happens to the best of us.

frozen fruit

The “Before”: My container filled with frozen fruit when I get to work.

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WW Hack: Plateau-Busting Flex Point Strategies

We all know Flex Points are part of what makes Weight Watchers popular for long-term success. In addition to your Daily Points Allowance, Flex Points are your weekly “bonus points” that automatically reset each week that make splurges or unavoidable social treats work with your diet rather than against it. (For more about Flex Points and how they work within the program, read this.)

Altering the way I look at Flex Points from time to time is a great way to assess my own habits and also see where I can do better. Over time, I’ve developed the following totally awesome hacks to help me to see what I need to work on and start losing again.

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WW Hack: Cereal & Milk

This post’s theme is simple, but given that it’s a breakfast-related one, it’s important for starting my day out on the right track.

kashi cereal with blue diamond almond milk

My typical cereal routine.

If you’re like me, breakfast can be the biggest challenge of the day. Despite knowing how important it is to start with a solid foundation in the morning, I have the tendency to try and put off those first calories of the day as long as possible. Particularly on the weekends, I catch myself existing on nothing but coffee until lunch. I’m trying to change that. I don’t think I’ll ever trust myself enough to subscribe to the “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper” adage, and I’ve made my peace with that, but the truth is that I have to eat something in the morning and there’s no getting around that.

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WW Hack: The Magic of Beef Bouillon Cubes

bouillon cubes and coffee mug

My diet companion through time and space.

My biggest secret weapon for keeping my appetite at bay and staying on plan is one I actually picked up from the Atkins diet forums a long time ago, and it’s incredibly effective.

Regardless of what diet you’re on these days, you’re probably staying mindful of carbohydrates, or at least trying to eliminate excessive amounts of simple starches/sugars from your diet right off the bat. You’re also probably exercising (and sweating!) more than you were before you started losing weight. Group these ideas with the notion that increasingly more healthy options have reduced sodium in them, and you may find yourself with electrolytes that are out-of-whack.

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