About Me

I’m your average busy mom juggling family, work, and college. After spending my twenties far heavier than I ever envisioned myself, something snapped in my brain in summer 2011 and I began finding small ways to work healthier choices into my life without sacrificing (much) time or money. My thirties, so far, have been much better.

Though I’ve never paid a dime for a Weight Watchers membership, the Internet filled me in on everything I needed to know. I lost just over 100 lbs. following the plan without joining, and I’m happy to point others in the right direction.

Here’s what I looked like the winter before I started using Weight Watchers’ plan:


I weighed 228 lbs. in this photo.


Here’s what I looked like after two years on the WW plan:


Two years later, I weighed 126 lbs. in this photo, not counting my terrific hat.

In addition to following WW guidelines, I’ve made lots of discoveries in the past few years on my own about my body, my time, and products that are or aren’t worth the money or stress. I hope to use this blog as a means of tracking my own progress and staying on-plan, as well as sharing ideas (and hopefully receiving some, too) for navigating the road to health and how to stay there. Thank you for joining me here.

If you want to know even more about my story, you can read this post.


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