Day Seven: #100kSteps Challenge COMPLETE!

Yesterday was the last day of the #100kSteps Challenge, and I might’ve even gotten in some extra steps right at the end doing a little dance of celebration!

Final Day Check-In: NAILED IT.

Final Day Check-In: NAILED IT.

Tuesday almost felt like a break with only 16k steps after my epic Monday. I find it hilarious that any day with 16,000+ steps in it could feel like a break, but that’s a testimonial to what a great week-long challenge this is that Roni devised. It really has kept me motivated and finding new ways to move around throughout my day and evening that I’ll continue to use post-challenge to burn extra calories each day.

By the end, both my kids were having a ball doing little step dances with me in front of the TV at night. They think it’s a great game! I love that — that’s really something that I’ll keep doing, just for fun with them if nothing else. 🙂

So, my final step count has been tallied, and here goes…

104,336 steps in one week!

In addition, I checked my daily weigh-ins since last Wednesday, and am pleased to report 2.6 lbs. of weight lost over the course of this week! After a month-long plateau, that feels great. I was really surprised, though, that I didn’t care as much about that as I did the awesome feeling of just knowing I made it to the end of the challenge and achieved my goal.

It’s going to be a good day today.



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