Day Five: Equipment Malfunction during #100kSteps!

So, it never occurred to me that clipping my pedometer to my jeans pocket instead of my belt would make that much of a difference on what it picked up on during the day. I was SO wrong.

I clipped it to the top of my pocket thinking it would be safer (I never trust the clip and I’ve been paranoid about losing my pedometer wearing it on my belt loop) and went along about my happy day. It wasn’t until early evening that I looked down and pressed the button to see my count that I noticed what a terrible mistake I’d made.

ZOINKS! Can I get a do-over???

ZOINKS! Can I get a do-over???

So, even though I know I performed several THOUSAND more steps than the pedometer picked up on at its lower body level, I can’t even guesstimate how far off it was, so I’m just going to report what the pedometer read at the end of the day and take my lumps with it — meaning I’ve got to do far more steps in Days 6 & 7 to make up for the unrecorded steps in Day 5 and still meet the #100kSteps Challenge on time.

Stupid technology. Stupid pocket. Stupid Gracie.



4 thoughts on “Day Five: Equipment Malfunction during #100kSteps!

  1. wendy says:

    I too had a couple malfunctions. #1 – my fitbit battery ran out on a day we walked to the baseball game. I know I had lots of steps that day. And #2, I somehow snagged my fitbit in the car before heading into a wedding (and dancing) and had to find it the next day. Otherwise, I’m doing good for a step count per day. Not at 100,000, but up from normal.

  2. Isn’t it so frustrating, Wendy?? Your situation sounds much more disheartening than mine. At least mine didn’t happen when I was dancing or walking to an event far away, just my normal nervous pacing. šŸ™‚ Do you like your fitbit, in general? I want one sooooo badly but not sure if it’s worth the investment. (That’s why winning one in the #100k challenge would be particularly awesome!)

    • wendy says:

      I LOVE my fitbit. I got it for Christmas. I’m making it a habit to get at least 10,000 steps per day, and if I don’t (cuz I sit all day at a desk job) I go later at night to local Snapfitness and walk on the treadmill. Even got the hubby asking how many step I have to get in for the day to reach 10,000. I never realized how sedentary I am!~

  3. Same here! This week I started using a yoga ball instead of a desk chair at work. I’m having so much fun checking my Nintendo fitness monitor to see how many calories I burn while I’m bouncing up and down. My coworkers already thought I was nuts before this so it didn’t even faze them. šŸ™‚ I was thinking about writing a post about my fun week sitting on a ball nonstop! It’s like attachment parenting, except instead of a baby around my back I have a 65cm ball on my rump. Haha.

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