Days Three & Four: #100kSteps Challenge

Me trying to cool down after a lunchtime concrete-hike so I can change out of my workout clothes. Blehhhhh...

Me trying to cool down after a lunchtime concrete-hike so I can change out of my workout clothes. Blehhhhh…

Friday was a hot one. Nonetheless, I managed to find some new ways to up the step count — which is good, because that stupid half-pound came RIGHT back when I weighed in Friday morning.

Day 3: I parked my car across campus in the morning and walked in, so that I knew I’d be at least guaranteed that much more walk time in the evening when I left work. Which was awesome when it started raining on my head and I was nowhere close to the car yet. The best laid plans of mice and men…blah-blah-blah-rain-sucks.

Got a mile in auditorium laps before work and another 2+ miles in at lunch time out in the sun.

In the evening, I knew my options would be wide open without having to worry about leaving Hubby with the kids inconveniently. (Mario Kart 8 came out Friday and our copy has been on reserve at our local GameStop for months now, because apparently we’re those people. I pretty much knew where everyone else in my house would be camped out that evening, and seeing as there’d be no room left on the couch for me even if I *wanted* to watch endless racing grudge matches and banana peels, it seemed like a night made for flitting about to rack up steps. i’d originally hoped to go on an extra-long outdoor walk, but the clouds had other ideas.)

On a related note, I seriously need some new sneakers. I’m hoping to make it to the end of the 100,000 Steps Challenge without any more blisters. I already have two. But it feels really great to know I’m actually logging this many steps, even if I’d never be able to sustain it week in, week out, all the time. The occasional week of motivation is nice when the stars align and my schedule allows for it, though!

Day 4: It rained off and on all day. I didn’t get to go for a walk at all for fear I’d get caught in a downpour. We did get caught in one at the baseball field in the middle of my seven-year-old’s Saturday baseball game. We were drenched by the time they gave up and called the game, but at least it cooled us all off. Too bad the air only got muggier from that point on.

I decided to go grocery shopping after the game to try and up my step count that way, but was really discouraged when I spent an hour and a half shopping, unloading my car, packing and unpacking the car, and putting away groceries, only to find that it all added up to less than 1,000 steps on my pedometer. (I hate buying groceries on the weekends when all the “Sunday drivers” are out with their shopping carts, moseying around and blocking foot traffic. Arg!).

In the end I really didn’t move that much at all while I was out, which was a real bummer. So…I came home and found other ways to keep moving. I wanted to at least hit 10,000 steps for the day, and I was nowhere close yet. Hubby had a good laugh at me every time he came through the kitchen and caught me stomping in place as pots filled with water to boil or eggshells got peeled away. I kept those feet moving, regardless of how dumb I looked, and it paid off! I hit my 10k goal for the day with a little extra padding.

Also, I’ve noticed this weekend that the boys’ rooms have stayed decluttered more than usual and it’s not due to any efforts on their part. Picking up toys is great for extra steps. Obviously, I’d rather them do it on their own most weeks, but at least it’s given me more to do with my indoor steps. 🙂

I felt far more worn out on Saturday night than Friday night, despite having logged several thousand more steps on Friday. I couldn’t explain it until I looked at the calorie counts above each day’s steps in the photos. My WiiFit U pedometer measures all sorts of stuff to calculate actual calories burned (so not all steps are created equal in the end), and I guess all that lifting and loading and decluttering was better on my body than the straight-up walking I did so much of the day before. And I was down 2.0 lbs. on the scale Sunday morning — woohoo!

Here’s the comparison between Friday’s and Saturday’s steps:

Step counts for May 31 & 31

Step counts for May 31 & 31


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