Day One: #100kSteps Challenge

So, I’m back from our mini vacation, and yes — Huddle House happened. Culver’s also happened. I’m not sorry, because it was delicious and the kids and adults all had a good time and it served exactly as I intended it to  — a break, both mentally and physically, from normal life. And that includes diet.

On the plus side, I did manage to get in at least 10,000 steps per day all but (I think) one day in the last week, which surprised me being in the car so much. Hiking around New Salem helped. So did randomly walking the halls of our hotel one night when I looked at my WiiFit U pedometer and saw I was close enough I could actually make it if I just gave it a little more go before turning in. So did randomly exploring parks and playgrounds we’d never seen before along the journey. Sidenote: I’m really happy my husband thought to throw our bag of baseball gear in the trunk before we left — we were able to play a quick game of catch with the kids wherever we wanted along the road and were quite popular at his brother’s graduation party when Hubby took all the little ones outside and popped open our trunk full of mitts and balls. I think the grown-ups enjoyed it as much as the kids. Next time we’ll definitely be throwing the bats and helmets in the trunk before we visit, too!

So actually, lots of little things helped, but it was mostly just wearing my pedometer and reminding myself to move more.

Now that I’m feeling like 10,000 steps per day is completely manageable with a little bit of creativity and flexibility, I decided to up the ante this week. I was thrilled to see that my hero Roni had posted a second “100kSteps Challenge” after I had missed out on the first one. Basically, it means you have to work 100,000 steps into one week. Which, after I did the math came out to more than I expected — I need to average 14,286 steps per day to get there, and I only *just* mastered getting 10,000 most days. (Deep breath.)

Yesterday was the first day and I was doubly nervous because 1.) my coworkers and I usually take a long walk for our lunch hour but we weren’t going to be able to for various reasons, and 2.) last night my seven-year-old had his second baseball game ever, and I certainly didn’t want to risk missing out on a big moment by randomly walking the park and just catching glimpses of his team while I passed that diamond on my laps.

But, with a bit of reworking my routine both at work and outside of work, I’m pleased to present last night’s step count display right before bedtime (drumroll please):

step count

Step Count: 5/28/14


On to Thursday, with a bleary sky and 70% chance of thunderstorms. Can’t wait to see what creative steps I come up with next. But at least I’m on track and not operating on a deficit as I was afraid I would be after a busy Day One. So I’m excited already. I love this challenge and who knows? Maybe I’ll even win the FitBit prize. (I reaaaaally want one, and the one Roni’s giving away is my favorite color.) But either way, my body definitely wins.

As an extra bonus, I was down another 1/2 pound when I weighed in this morning, so take that, amazeballs Huddle House waffle plate that I already didn’t regret. 🙂

I’ll try to post each day’s results as I go this week, along with how I managed to work extra steps into my day. The Challenge contest ends officially next Wednesday, but I’d like to see what I can do both between then and now, and then afterwards, too. What a week this will be!



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