Day Two: #100kSteps Challenge

I upped my game a bit yesterday after seeing so many other #100kSteps folks logging in after Day One with 17,000 steps. Adding in more staircase climbing, extra laps of my building before and after work, an impromptu shopping trip, some manic decluttering and jogging in place at the end of the day (in addition to my regular lunch time and post-dinner long walks) sure helped. I was quite pleased when I checked my pedometer before bed…

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Day One: #100kSteps Challenge

So, I’m back from our mini vacation, and yes — Huddle House happened. Culver’s also happened. I’m not sorry, because it was delicious and the kids and adults all had a good time and it served exactly as I intended it to¬† — a break, both mentally and physically, from normal life. And that includes diet.

On the plus side, I did manage to get in at least 10,000 steps per day all but (I think) one day in the last week, which surprised me being in the car so much. Hiking around New Salem helped. So did randomly walking the halls of our hotel one night when I looked at my WiiFit U pedometer and saw I was close enough I could actually make it if I just gave it a little more go before turning in. So did randomly exploring parks and playgrounds we’d never seen before along the journey. Sidenote: I’m really happy my husband thought to throw our bag of baseball gear in the trunk before we left — we were able to play a quick game of catch with the kids wherever we wanted along the road and were quite popular at his brother’s graduation party when Hubby took all the little ones outside and popped open our trunk full of mitts and balls. I think the grown-ups enjoyed it as much as the kids. Next time we’ll definitely be throwing the bats and helmets in the trunk before we visit, too!

So actually, lots of little things helped, but it was mostly just wearing my pedometer and reminding myself to move more.

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Road Trip Food Anxiety

You guys.

Why do road trips always happen right when I finally get my health-mojo fired back up and start burning calories and toning? Without fail, every time I see the scale move significantly for the first time in ages, the magical travel fairy waves her wand over my house and…ta-dah! Road trip happens.

Which means Huddle House happens.

Cracker Barrel happens.

Six dollars’ worth of gummy bears bought at a gas station and quietly scarfed in the front seat while the kids nap in the backseat happens.

And then reckless abandon follows me all the days of my life. Or at least until my bras start hurting again.

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WW Hack: Plateau-Busting Flex Point Strategies

We all know Flex Points are part of what makes Weight Watchers popular for long-term success. In addition to your Daily Points Allowance, Flex Points are your weekly “bonus points” that automatically reset each week that make splurges or unavoidable social treats work with your diet rather than against it. (For more about Flex Points and how they work within the program, read this.)

Altering the way I look at Flex Points from time to time is a great way to assess my own habits and also see where I can do better. Over time, I’ve developed the following totally awesome hacks to help me to see what I need to work on and start losing again.

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WW Hack: Cereal & Milk

This post’s theme is simple, but given that it’s a breakfast-related one, it’s important for starting my day out on the right track.

kashi cereal with blue diamond almond milk

My typical cereal routine.

If you’re like me, breakfast can be the biggest challenge of the day. Despite knowing how important it is to start with a solid foundation in the morning, I have the tendency to try and put off those first calories of the day as long as possible. Particularly on the weekends, I catch myself existing on nothing but coffee until lunch. I’m trying to change that. I don’t think I’ll ever trust myself enough to subscribe to the “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper” adage, and I’ve made my peace with that, but the truth is that I have to eat something in the morning and there’s no getting around that.

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WW Hack: The Magic of Beef Bouillon Cubes

bouillon cubes and coffee mug

My diet companion through time and space.

My biggest secret weapon for keeping my appetite at bay and staying on plan is one I actually picked up from the Atkins diet forums a long time ago, and it’s incredibly effective.

Regardless of what diet you’re on these days, you’re probably staying mindful of carbohydrates, or at least trying to eliminate excessive amounts of simple starches/sugars from your diet right off the bat. You’re also probably exercising (and sweating!) more than you were before you started losing weight. Group these ideas with the notion that increasingly more healthy options have reduced sodium in them, and you may find yourself with electrolytes that are out-of-whack.

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Fitting healthy choices into busy days

I am a desk-oholic.

I work at a major state university, smack in the middle of gorgeous collegiate scenery filled with wooded areas, walking paths, a campus lake and more.

Seriously, this is the view out my window (you can see my other window's reflection in the right side of the pic) and yet I'm too stupid to look up once in a while and appreciate it.

Seriously, this is the view out my window (you can see my other window’s reflection in the right side of the pic) and yet I’m too stupid to look up once in a while and appreciate it.

And yet I’m one of those people who feels guilty about standing up to take a break, or eating lunch away from my computer screen, or giving myself any sort of time allowance to move around during the workday or even appreciate my beautiful surroundings. I attribute it to too many years working in reception positions where you’re tied to your desk and can’t leave for a minute in case someone calls your phone or strolls in the door. Whatever the case, I’ve been trying harder lately to make a conscious effort to free myself of the shackles of that past and embrace the idea that I now CAN get up once an hour to walk a flight of stairs or do some stretches or use my stapler as an ersatz dumbbell. That I don’t have to be tied to my chair every moment of every work day to still be an exemplary employee. And that, in fact, it would probably improve my work performance to get up once in a while.

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